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A term usually used from a safe place, such as automobiles and houses to shock and intimidate women or ultimatly get a good hand job.
Olly shouts ARRRGH WANK MY COCK!!! to some fine women poontang passing by.
by k-k-Kenzi May 30, 2007
A Wank-Shake is a filthy prank played by mcdonald's employees on innocent customers, who purchase any variety of milkshake, from a drive thru. to do this male employees will wack off into your milkshake thus creating a Wank-Shake. The symptoms of obtaining a Wank-Shake are: extra saltyness, your straw becoming blocked due to chilled spunk, stickyness after drinking milkshake and most of all, circular swirls of cream/white in your milkshake, due to a cheap attempt to cover it up.
Customer: "excuse me sir, i didn't want vanilla swirl in my milkshake!!"
Employee: "noo mate thats no vanilla!!!, (sniggers to others).

Larry: "did you sort that posh twat in the mercedes a Wank-Shake".

Barry: "ov'coarse mate, a nice steamy one, Wank my cock!! haha!!!!"..

Larry: "Lerious-character!!! hahaha!!".
by k-k-KenZi June 20, 2007

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