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When they say the title of the movie, in the movie. Doesn't always happen, as in 'Good Will Hunting'. Has been the last line, as in 'The Name of the Rose'. It has also been explained within the film, as the did in 'Broken Arrow' & 'Top Gun'. It usual means the first time they say it, but as in 'Jerry Maguire' & ''Top Gun' it is said several times. It has also been the first line, but an example escapes me at this time :-/
I love how the Title Speak is the last line in 'The Name of the Rose'.
#movies definitions #film definitions #insider #shop talk #film fans #movie buffs #film #movie
by k-Spit April 27, 2007
aka preppies, socies etc. believe it refers to the Richie Rich comicbook.
Look at the bmw thoughs kids are in! They got to be richies, no way a high school kid could buy that.
#rich kids #preppies #upper class #spoiled kids #socies
by k-Spit April 28, 2007
Casual Sports Fans. Defined by Hootie & the Blowfish when asked the meaning of their album of the same name.
Rob is such a Fairweather Johnson, he doesn't even know the Phillies are in the Senior League!
#casual #sport #fan #put down #sport slang
by k-Spit April 27, 2007
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