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Something white males cannot accomplish properly sober
did you see John last night dancing on the table?
by JY September 02, 2003
Jeans that anybody can wear but mostly black people.
Girbaud has straps on it that says M+FG. M+FG is a name that stands for Marthé et François. Most of the girbauds r sold in the city. Maybe your mall but i got my girbaud downtown. price around $60-$85.
Some guy that want to buy girbaud jeans:Tight girbauds man? were u get em?
Guy with girbaud:I got it in the hood(also somelocated downtown)
by Jy May 10, 2006
a short truckie.
usually oblivious to the distain other co-workers have for him.
See: Vain(particularly with his hair)

See: Lazy
Look at that lazy snax not doin a thing again!

Look at all those snax takin a nap.
by jy October 19, 2005
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