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The best type of hair ever. it has long hair with banges to like thier nose parted off to the side to cover one eye. its so awesome I wish I chould have but my hairs curly and my mom wont let me get a straightener...dammit...and it pretty much only works with straight hair...
look at that awesiome emo hair
by jwlx December 10, 2005
a part of skin the end of the penis, I wish I had it but I was cercumsized(cant spell)
Scence from meet the fockers
I Forget who:You kept his ambilical cord?
Gaylords mom:no its his foreskin
by jwlx April 23, 2005
what my friend kyle uses to hold anything together
Just put duct take around it, then it'll be brand new
by jwlx April 23, 2005

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