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Cheap shitty weed
"You invite me to your home, and you give me this Susquehanna Weed"
by jwka2001 August 19, 2011
A woman who is very short and fat, resembling a hamster.
No hamsters please.
by jwka2001 May 16, 2010
A no talent hack of a comedian who's considered 'edgy' by only himself. His name isnt Carlos, and he isnt Mexican, but FULL fag. He does material that hasn't been funny in years, or is more funny done by the ORIGINAL comedian who he stole it from.
Did u see my shit last night, it was almost as big a shit as carlos mencia
by jwka2001 March 30, 2009
A woman's smelly pussy
Bring forth my doom spawn from your stink crevice and prove the gypsy wrong!
by jwka2001 June 05, 2010
A short, fat woman. Resembling a hedgehog.
I cant stand my job, i cant stand my life, i hate fucking that hedgehog of a wife.
by jwka2001 May 16, 2010
To take a massive shit in a toilet and not flush it, only to leave it for others to find. What you and others do in public toilets or toilets that aren't yours.
I went in to take a shit and someone had committed a brown crime all over the toilet. It was even on the floor, and the walls too. The only part that didnt have shit on it was where the baby was.
by jwka2001 May 20, 2010
A person who has sex, then instead of leaving through the front door, leaves through the back only to walk through the brush, trees and wilderness behind the house never to be seen again. Typically done after getting caught, or about to get caught having sex, or an orgy. Usually they are in such a rush to get the hell out of there, they put on whatever clothes they can just so they have something to wear.
There he goes sweetie. There goes fuckquatch, through the underbrush. Look at that, a rare sighting of that cryptozoological marvel. Honey get your camera and take a blurry picture of fuckquatch. Oh fuckquatch, what secrets do you hide?
by jwka2001 May 29, 2010

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