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A suburb situated between cabramatta and guildford, in the south western suburbs of New South Whales, Sydney, Australia. Fairfield is comprised of many people, mostly of ethnic backgrounds, the biggest including those of Arab or Asian persuasion . The rail-way station, "Fairfield" is the centre point of the town, and the roughest place. Common occurrences including fights between youths of Arab, Polynesian and asian persuasions, Drug deals occurring, police finding and arresting "drugos" and over crowded, smelly buses.
The schools that make up Fairfield are Patrician Brothers College Fairfield, Fairfield High, Westfield sports high, Fairvale high, and many more. Though they may fight amongst each other, they all stand together when Fairfield it threatened. One must watch one's self when venturing into this part of town. it can be rough and tough.
Arab youth " Bro, what the fuck are you looking at?"
innocent passerby " nothing, nothing man"
Arab youth "you better watch yourself cuz. your in Fairfield."
by jvos September 20, 2008

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