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n. an absolute monster of a linedrive completely cutting through the air, usually used to describe a hit in the left side of the field for righties, and right side of the infield for lefties. In the case of halfties (greg epler), it can go to either side.
Oh man, that frozen rope enabled even frank to get a triple, as it went down the first baseline.
by jv ballah December 19, 2004
n. not just a bench, but "the" bench. This is where starting baseball players dream of getting to in their career, where players can completely screw around all day, and where there are gemming stories. Three key aspects of the bench are if a bench player can, keep the book, stay in one spot the whole game, and get foul balls. A perfect bencher is something even veteran benchers may not get to accomplish in their lifetime. One must never move the entire time during the game, asking the coach to not put him in if he asks. It has only happened once or twice in freshman-jv baseball history.
That kid for Milton clearly wanted to sit the bench in that game, since when he hit a dribbler to eich, instead of running to first, he walked off the field towards the bench so that his coach would sit him for the rest of the game.
by jv ballah December 19, 2004
n. an action of faking an anal rape, can be countered by a mock-rape subtwo, meaning the mock-raper becomes the mock-rapee.
Dowling mock-raped the umpire before an at bat against needham, then following it up with a gemming triple.

Eich mock-raped benzie after a crappy speech made by benzie, telling the team they suck and how much he hates coaching the team.
by jv ballah December 15, 2004
n. refering to a person who is miniscual in both height and weight, and could be dominated by anyone.
Oh my, look at Kyan, he is a complete dink.
by jv ballah December 19, 2004
n. Refering to a terrible managerial move in, prior, or after a baseball game by the coach.
That coach pulled a complete benzie, by telling his team they suck before a very important game against framingham.
by jv ballah December 15, 2004

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