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An opportunity for one to sell some drugs.
Tyrone: Yo man, look at that those two black guys coming down the street.
G: Yeah yo thats a chopportunity if I've ever seen one.
Tyrone: I bet i could chop all these rocks to those fools!
by juz098 June 20, 2010
Someone who is sexual with everything. Phi (Φ) is a variable and therefore can be replaced with anything, hence a phisexual is someone who is sexual with any and everything.
Mans: Yo guy youz a phisexual
Flamer: WTF, a phisexual?
Mans: Yeah man youz sexual with errything!!!
by juz098 December 24, 2009
Some next mexican shit.
Dr. Dick Poon: Yo i just gripped some nexican buds, quarter pound for 3 bills.
Pedro: Thats sick hombre, but don't be hatin on my peeps.
by juz098 January 24, 2011
A person who rides a Harley-Davidson and dresses up to be as loud as possible. They are not cool at all.
Eric: Look at those fags over there.
by juz098 November 07, 2009

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