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A mustard yellow towel created by legendary Steelers radio broadcaster Myron Cope during the 1975 playoff run. Can be seen in any Steelers game, home or away. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles try to impersonate this towel with cute little dishrags that have advertisers such as "ACME" and "LA Weightoss". These types of teams cant compare to the Steelers awesomeness, and thusly should bow down to a five ringed hand.
"You see the Colts vs Steelers playoff game?"
" Yeah man...those colts fans were pwned by those terrible towels"
"Nice dishrag"
"Thats not a dishrag, its my official 'Eagles rally towel'!"
"Man you Philly fans keep getting gayer by the day."

by juvefan3 April 22, 2006

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