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One finding vaginal secretion under their nails when biting them after engaging in foreplay, either moments after or the morning after. Particularly common amongst chronic nail biters who don't wash their hands.
Johnny acquired a funny taste under his finger nails when biting them. He later came to realize it was cooch goop from the chick's coochie he had his fingers all up in the night before.
by juvas juice September 08, 2010
The excess jizz that lands in the hair of the girl that just went down on you. She now has an all natural hair product, similar to mousse, that's packed with nutrients.
Martin said he gave Liz a touch of spousse when she made him jizz all over the place after going down on him.
by juvas juice August 29, 2010
An inundation of TV shows to watch, where one possibly doesn’t have the time to watch them all & catches up with them on DVR, DVD, or On-Demand.
Ruben: Have you seen Weeds?
Juan: Nah, man, I’m shownundated. Dude, I just got Dexter season 4 on DVD, season 5 starts next month. Right now, I’m all tied up watching Shaq Vs., Entourage, Hung, Supernatural, Smallville, Friday Night Lights, and a novela on Telemundo called El Clon.
by juvas juice August 30, 2010
Finding nothing on the toilet paper after dropping a deuce.
After wiping and finding no skid marks on the toilet paper, Toby said he dropped a phantom deuce.
by juvas juice November 14, 2012
where the heel of a female overlaps the edge on the heel of her shoe as a result of trying to fit into a shoe that is a 1/2 size smaller
That chick's foot is waaay bigger than her shoe, her heel over laps the edge and it looks like cupcake top.
by juvas juice September 28, 2012
when ur opponent takes the spot u were eyeing to make a word while playing Words With Friends
Damn, that fucker threw a rowdy word block on me...I was eyeing that TW and I got ganked!
by juvas juice July 30, 2011

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