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Someone who has done something wrong, which in turn, creates a hassle for you to fix.
You got peanut butter in the jelly jar you baby raping snake fucker.
by Justyn October 14, 2004
Used to announce a happy occasion, or to alert your friends to a very attractive person walking your way.
"Dude, I just got paid, I'm going to the club and I'm gettin' fucked up! Chinnie!"
"Damn, check her out..Chinnie!!"
by Justyn March 15, 2005
mighty midget. not to be confused with hobbit. radical feminist and leader of the revolution. Guru of pop, soul, jazz and funk. Never underestimate her power.
bahjesus thon flavvers knows a good tune when she hears one. and all the size of her!
by Justyn October 28, 2004
From a drug induced study session with several linguists somewhere in Arizona.
Bust-Cap, an exclusive language used when all other attempt at a covert language has failed, and the chick thinks she knows whats going down.
"Bust cap a whackin'"
"Bust it"
"Fuckin' DT times like 20, YK till tommorow morning"
by Justyn March 15, 2005
mediocre breaks and house music style incorporating six eyes and a shiny dome.
goodness, that funkasaurus night was absolute rubbish!
by Justyn October 28, 2004
From the Bust Cap system of linguistic jargon comes the newest term for drinking...DT.
Literally translated into the english language, "Drink Time."
"Fucking mad DT last night, i have such a fucking hangover"
by justyn March 15, 2005
Used in the Bust Cap linguistic system, to fuck
"Bust this shit"
"YK thrice, DT all day long"
by Justyn March 15, 2005
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