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Ever been to a money speculation site? The information contained therein leaves a lot to be desired. So to deal with the large amounts of misinformation you turn to someone that can decipher the information. These people are known as Gurus or CRAPS (Currency Revaluation Analysis Professionals) is more accurate.

CRAPS-persons who spread CRAP (Currency Revaluation Awareness Propaganda).

CRAPPER-an individual guru, CRAPS more than one.
Crapper-the place where the CRAPPER does his best thinking about CRAP.

Other variations of CRAP
Have a CRAPPY day!-Term of endearment of wishful prosperity.
Thats CRAP-Can be either good or bad intel depending on tone and inflection
To CRAP Out-The act of banning a CRAPPER or to refer to intel that did not prove to be true.
CRAPPED Out-is when the CRAPPER runs out of CRAP to spread. If the CRAPPER is wrong they have also CRAPPED Out or “it is in the CRAPPER”
Give a CRAP-the act of sharing intel.
Oh CRAP!-Pertaining to the discovery of CRAP and the phrase “Well ain't that some CRAP?” is often heard when unsure of the relevance or nature of new intel.
Overdosed, Overwhelmed or Overloaded-”We have heard so much CRAP we are crazy now.” Also “allota crap”
Full of CRAP-A condition of having received new intel but not yet having shared it.
Signs of desperation-"We Take CRAP from Anyone"!!!
Who gives a CRAP?-Is a question asked when entering a forum.
What the CRAP? Pertains to indecipherable CRAP.
They don't deserve CRAP-usually directed at someone you don't like.
Guru Bumper Sticker-Have you hugged your CRAP today? No dont think I will.
CRAPTIVATION-obsessive preoccupation with predicting date / rate
CRAPTASTIC-extraordinarily fantastic unrealistic CRAP.
ReCRAP-the review, reiteration and reposting of CRAP.
Dinaritive-a summarization of the ReCRAP.
TRUTH: The opposite of CRAP-it destroys CRAP on contact!!!

Remember CRAP happens!! Its inevitable.

The above is a compilation from the members of IQD BPD.
by justpassntime November 05, 2011
Currency of some middle eastern countries.

Iraqi Dinar abbreviation IQD

IQD...Acronym: Intelligence Quotient Deficiency

Deenar....redneck dinner.
Dinar....redneck diner

Dinarian....person that speculates dinar currency

Dinarectomy....a procedure in which when valid clear concise information is received and the meaning can be understood in its entirety. Better know as an “Ah ha moment”.

Dinaritive....a summarization of the ReCRAP. See Urban Dictionary definition of CRAP

Dinarlings....Women of the dinar chat world
Dinarlins....Southern Belles of the dinar chat world

Dinarist....someone who consistently plays with their dinar
Dinarbrarian....keeper of the guru liesbrary archive
Dinarology....the area of study surrounding the dinar
Dinarologist....seekers of truth and fact, , not to be confused with the practice maintained by most gurus and all pumpers

Related latin terms:
ignorantia crapolus gurus
ignorantius dinarus non excusat
Never buy dinar for a redneck, they will never leave you alone.

compilation of members of IQD BPD
by justpassntime November 05, 2011
CULT - Acronym: Cultivating Unlimited Loads of Trash
No example needed for the acronym CULT
by justpassntime November 05, 2011
Wednesday - the day preceding Thursday and after Tuesday, midweek week peak day...down hill slide to the weekend.

Acronym - Having Unusual Midweek Psychotic Delusions And Yearnings
No example for Hump Day required...see above.
by justpassntime November 04, 2011

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