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a more correct term for douchebag, because douches come in boxes not bags. A guy who is full of him self, and does lame ass shit. a guy who uses and abuses the ladies.
"omg becky, we hooked up and he never called me back- that guy is such a douchebox"

"seriously dude you cant even buy your mom a mothersday card? your a douche box"

"he is such a box of douche, he totally ignored me at that party last night"
by justliv2 August 08, 2012
similar to HIV (human immuno- difficiancy virus)a sexually transmitted disease. hiNv means you will catch not only a human, and (N) have immune system problems, you will also catch a virus as well. this virus could be but is not limited to, herpes, hepatitis, staff, pink eye, and explosive diarrhea.
Do not walk in a club barefoot, you could catch hiNv.

Do not sleep with those skanks, you will catch hiNv

Josh walker is crawling with hiNv
by justliv2 August 08, 2012
the coolest mother fucker you would be fortunate enough to meet.
"hey was kedash at your party last night?"
"no he wasent"
"well then you had no party"
by justliv2 August 08, 2012
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