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2 definitions by justjared135

a variation of the slang word "fo sho" it is meant to show that the person saying it is not ghetto, but wants to convey the same meaning of "fo sho." It is unique and people inevitably ask what it means, giving the speaker of the word a boost in self-esteem by getting the spotlight/recognition of ownership of the word, while expressing unique rhetoric style.
Kristina: Hey, would you like to go to the movies with me on saturday?

Jared: yeah, foSnow

Kristina: what the heck is"foSnow?"

Jared: It's like foShow with a twist.

Kristina: Oh, haha niiiice.

by justjared135 March 23, 2009
spitting the fragments of a toothpick that you bit onto the street while walking with your trademark swag after eating at a buffet
Bob: Dude check it out, whats that guy doing?

John: Oh he's spittin' da toof, I'm hungry now, let's get sumthin to eat

Bob: aight, ima spit da toof after, too.
by justjared135 March 23, 2009