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12 definitions by justine

The slurred version of the phrase: I don't know.
Jim: Hey, fag, wake up! I need to know where you put my makeup.
Besty: Iono.
by Justine February 01, 2004
3 2
use it the same way as shiz.
Missy-shiznettel, i fergot ta wash my shirt for tomorrow.
by Justine November 18, 2004
0 3
A really ugly person...fat, dirty, ect.
Missy:DANG! look at that person...

Shayla:yea he be real crunkalee lookin
by Justine September 13, 2004
1 4
A manipulative, selfish loser whose sole activities include insulting and injuring his/her friends. Girls, stay away from the male members of this species. Boys, prepare to be annoyed all the time. In general - these jerks are always right all the time and they always find a way to justify even (and espeially) the nastiest behavior possible.
Most bosses, male or female
by Justine May 18, 2004
16 22
whats up
whats really good wit you?
by Justine June 18, 2003
20 60