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woman's pussy that it's warm like apple pie..
I got to taste Jeannine S apple pie,it was so sweet.
by justin f April 25, 2004
someone who has rich full lips that are good for sucking dick
"wow that bitch has some huge brainer lips"
by Justin F January 12, 2005
must listen to The Talkin goat beforehand.....

A large wooden stick used for beatin people with stinky nuts.
" hes always usin the hickory stick and callin me stinky nuts"
by Justin f December 28, 2006
it means that was so aswem but no thanks
heytom want to blow up that frog /bizal to the nizal tom
by justin f March 19, 2005
See Air Jordan before you read this!

putting more force into an Air Jordan. your supposed to break the bitches nose!
" I slamma jamma ding donged that girl so hard she got 2 black eyes"
by Justin F January 12, 2005
ir means pimped out its so frickn cool
that car is weed up its so cool
by justin f March 20, 2005
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