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A ronchi sex position of ones chosing, given the nickname Aquarium Dolphin. The aquarium dolphin can take place as anything as it is only a nickname for the position or session of intercourse.
A rough session of sex could be given the nickname Aquarium Dolphin.
by justice_GIGITY February 23, 2010
The persons inserts both their fist simuntaniesly into another persons vagina, or anis while eating out of their boobs
I performed the Double fist to chesty on Timothy John
by justice_GIGITY February 25, 2010
The grasshopper leebra milkshake is also known as the commonly known motorboat. The head is placed between the females breast and the male must eat out (AKA rub his face in the breast).
The pretty woman gave Timothy the Grasshopper leebra milkshake
by justice_GIGITY February 24, 2010
A rare dissease in wich the area between a persons genitals and anis (AKA Guetch) smells like ronchi shit most of the time
Jacob had a rare case of Stinky Guetchanitas
by justice_GIGITY February 25, 2010
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