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When girls lick, suck, and blow on a guy's dick and usually swallows his cum after he ejaculates. Causes very much pleasure to the guy
trust me, I know!
Today was the best Blow jobJ/sex of my life. I was on the couch, when my wife walked in. She jumped on me and her big, luscious lips sucked my face as she unbuttoned my pants. Her cold, small hands crept down my boxers and squeezed my balls. My penis curved up and grew rock hard. She ripped off my boxers and started to slowly lick my shaft in swirly motions. She gently blew on my dick and then started to lick me with her warm, soft tongue harder and faster. Then she deep throated me and i was pleasured to the max...but i didnt want it to ever stop. She started to hum and moan.I began to cum, i just couldn't hold it in, and she didn't gag a bit. She pleasuringly swallowed it up. She released my dick and i ripped off her blouse and unclipped her bra and started feeling her up. yanked off her skirt and stuck my dick in her ass for some fun Then, I stuck my penis in her beauitful pink pussy with a bit of fuzz and hit her g-spot. She began to moan and scream "Ahhh more more more!"" She orgasmedand was so horny!. I released my dick and she yelped for more. I rubbed over her boobs in circles and then she pushed away my hands and smoothed her chilly, soft hands over my hard balls giving me the urge to cum again but I held it in for her sake. Finally, she stopped rubbing and we started to make out again. Her wet tongue swirled inside my hot mouth, her minty-strawberry breath making me feel like i was in freaking heaven again.
by justhadsexlonelyisland January 21, 2011

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