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Dilshad is a persian name, which means happiness of the heart. He's very popular yet very secluded and has few close friends that he is very open to. He likes everyone and is disliked by almost none and rarely turns down a favor. A Dilshad is not always hot but is always attractive, mainly for his quiet coolness and his looks. All girls want him. Dilshad's are athletic, cautiosly dangerous, and funny. Those lucky enough to date Dilshad will be the happiest girl ever. He's always faithful, kind, humble (or whatever you want him to be) because he's awesome, and is intensely caring. If Dilshad is you're friend, he will always be. Dilshad is always up for anything and loves to be constantly active. He has his moments of being a jerk but apologizes and forgives. He gets into crazy situations but gets out without a scratch and stays calm. He's almost always got a plan and is great at on-the-spot thinking. He's very smart but not in a nerd way and is very good at everything he does yet doesn't often admit his talents. He's got great taste in music and dresses differently but its still cool. He's always full throttle until he feels like crashing, then he will sleep where he falls. Dilshad doesn't care what people think of him because he and everyone that knows him knows that he is awesome and chilled, and he rarely looks down on others. That's because Dilshad is nice and is the most awesome person you can ever have the honour of meeting and is unforgettable.
Guy1: So i hear Dilshad's coming tonight. Guy2: Seriously!! Well I'll be there then. That guy is awesome! Dilshad: Whats up? Of course i'll be there. (random girl faints in background)

That guy is so amazing... He must be a DILSHAD
by justchillenn January 25, 2013

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