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Completely misinterpreted in the previous definitions. In Portola Valley people have money but they don't flaunt it. Sure they might have nice cars, but most people have Prius' or cars that are older than ten years old. There isn't a downtown, so residents have to go to other towns to buy food/clothing/anything else. Everyone knows everyone else and will help each other when needed. The public schools here are AMAZING, and not "dirty" as the other definition said. Most people send their kids to public school here and not private schools. It is a beautiful town with many things to offer and great people. People who live here have worked hard for their money and are usually involved in the tech industry. Because it is such a small town, gossip travels quickly, but that is the only negative part of Portola Valley. Whoever said that it is snobby has obviously never met the people of this town. Oh and by the way, no one calls it PV.
You live in Portola Valley?
Are you rich?
Um why do you care?
#portola valley #money #cars #nice #kind
by justbeingtruthful January 18, 2011
Home of gun-totting rednecks, christian extremist, racist, anti-anythingthatisntallaboutchrist, judgemental, and usually overweight "Mericans". The kids usually pop out a few squallers before their outta high school. They are hypocritical people, who claim they "do gods work", yet allow their children to bully other children into committing suicide. They preach about following gods word, yet their own children sleep around while in school, with several getting pregnant. When you are driving down the road, and see "Welcome to Lenoir City", turn your car around, and get the fuck outta town while you still can.
"Why is that boy beating the other boy with a bible?"

"Him? He's from Lenoir City. He's doing God's work."

"...um. Okay."
#lenoir city #rednecks #south #knoxville #loudon #tennessee
by JustBeingTruthful November 11, 2013
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