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Paid and volunteer Obama campaign operatives that work on social and internet media and seem like they are remote controlled personalities spouting talking points reflexively and thoughtlessly. Will not ever admit to being wrong despite the facts and can not be convinced that any Obama policy is wrong. Will call anyone a racist, a conservative, Perry or Bachmann supporter (even if that person is from the left of the left) or any other insult they think will shut down legitimate policy discussions. Derived from Obama's ever expanding use of remote controlled drone bombers in the endless wars started by Bush and the wars started by Obama, himself.

Plural: Obama Drones AKA: Obot, Obamatards, sometimes referred to in the possessive form: Obama's Drones
"I went to comment on a diary at daily kos that was critical of Obama's policies and the comment threads had already been carpet bombed by Obama Drones to make it seem like he was still popular."

"Obama's Drones can't seem to keep their talking points in formation on Twitter with their comments on the NY Times' news of the Banks crimes spinning out of control."
by justaword August 26, 2011

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