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The lowest possible catagory of pricing known to the human race. Usually consisting of items ranging in price from zero to one dollar.
Daughter: Mommy, can I please have a big mac?

Mother: No honey, it's too expensive, how about a nice small fry and some tap water instead? How does that sound?

Daughter: Damn Mama, yo ass is nigger cheap!
by justanothervictimoftheghetto April 12, 2010
A game commonly played by whites where a group of Caucasians drive around town in search of an African American. When spotted, one member (not the driver) of the group throws a spoon at the black person yelling the word "NIGGER!" as loud as possible. If said person misses, the driver proceeds to jam on the brakes and the thrower must fetch the spoon and get back in to the car. However if the he/she hits the black person with the spoon, the driver proceeds down the road and it is the next person's turn.
Ron: Hey, me and a few of my friends went nigger spooning last night and it was so fun, Carl missed and a nigger kicked the shit out of him and he was rushed to the hospital after we bailed.
by justanothervictimoftheghetto April 14, 2010
African American or Mexican bottom feeders suckling from the teet of the tax payers. They play the system by remaining unwed and having as much promiscuous sex as possible to pump out as many children as possible in order to receive more welfare money.
Daughter: Yo mama, how come you'se don have a job but we is still livin' in a home and can afford stuff?

Mother: 'Cus we livin off da sytem honey, for each kid ah have I get mo money from welfare, they call people like me and yo grandma welfare queens.
by justanothervictimoftheghetto April 14, 2010
The act of a man choking a woman between his legs during sexual intercourse while simultaneously ejaculating in to her mouth and creating a "sea" of seamen within.
Dude, I totally gave my girlfriend the Poseidon Chokehold last night and the sea was so deep.
by justanothervictimoftheghetto April 12, 2010
An African American midget with no arm or legs. Heavily reliant on outside help for even the most simple of tasks.
Hey man, that nugget nigger needs some help pushing a button. I don't know whether to help or just watch it wiggle until it passes out.
by justanothervictimoftheghetto April 07, 2010
An ignorant African American who believes anything Obama says because he is black. They are usually very easy to pick out from a crowd due to their "My president is black" T-Shirts. They have no clue what Obama stands for and are completely blind from the truth, plagued by the lack of education and intelligence.
Daughter(first gen. collage student): Hey mom, why did you vote for Obama?

Mother: 'Cus he's black honaay, he gon' solve all o' mah problems an' gimme free monaay! Oh, and 'cus he's black!

Daughter: Oh god, my mother is an ignobama...
by justanothervictimoftheghetto April 15, 2010
A black, hispanic, or sometimes asian person living in poverty within an urban setting. They believe that the "ghetto" itself is actually some sort of 'organism', if you will, which holds them down and keeps them from succeeding. But the inconvenient is that they are the ones keeping themselves down, and they blame it on the ghetto in order to take the blame off of themselves. But deep inside they know that it is themselves, and that is what scares them most.
Derrell: Yo mane, whats up wit yo shawt comin's??

Ray Ray: Mane it aint me! Ammah fuckin ghetto victim

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