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A place where almost everybody is fake and seeks attention. Everybody pretends to be some awkward hipster female to gain followers, much like on Twitter only everybody claims that they are artistic. People mostly post/reblog pictures, and sometimes steal them from others without credit. Everybody complains for attention. Everybody does illegal things for attention. They love everything gay and believe that an unfriendly gay individual is unheard of and everything straight is vile. They try to promote equality while they openly put everything else down, such as straight people, skinny people, and basically anybody else that has the balls to tell them that they are wrong. They blame society for their faults and yet put no effort in improving themselves. Every member finds themselves ugly and pretends to think cancer patients and obese people are beautiful so that people will think that they are nice people. It's all about followers and attention and feeling special. Go make one.
Hey man, look. It's yet another hipster on Tumblr complaining about their perfectly fine appearance.
by justanothertumblruser June 14, 2011

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