1 definition by just my name

A female friend of some poor, insecure bustard, who loves her and gets close to her. He doesn't know that he is the guy of her dreams, as well. She endures their platonic relationship (he is always there to help her, like a demented puppy-dog). She hopes that they relationship may progress to something more. Sometimes he loses his control and blurts out to her that he loves her, but he is too chicken to go any further. She is fed up and unhappy, but she loves him enough not to show it. Therefore, out of disappointment and not to ruin the relationship, she tells him that she wants to be just friends. She still hopes for his decisive move though, but finally loses her virginity with someone else.
She used to be such a nice girl, but because of this pathetic bastard, look what became of her!

Behind every pathetic man there is a frustrated nice girl.
by just my name September 23, 2009

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