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To speak sweet talk in a low volume and tone to a romantic interest.

Variant of cooing.
"Where's Jorge?"
"He's in the other room goozy gooing with Shannon."
by just jill June 30, 2005
A woman who appears attractive under low lighting conditions. Usually not attractive under bright lights.
"I thought she was hot, but she's really a dimlight honey."
by just jill July 05, 2005
g-hi har-vee

1. Used to describe a generic type of man.

2. A brand of clothing associated with the fishing industry.

3. Also can be used as an insult in which one is referred to as being dim-witted.
Ruben is such a guy harvey.

He's wearing a blue Guy Harvey shirt.

Whatever, guy harvey. You're so dumb.
by just jill July 14, 2005

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