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An afluent suburb, north of Chicago, situated directly on Lake Michigan. Home of not only the stereotypical "rich kid", but also many extremely intelligent and driven people, as well as an average number of below-average people. Typically singled out because the average citizen is fairly wealthy, and the homes are very high-priced.
You think you know everything about Lake Forest, but please, don't judge what you don't know.
by Just a Girl May 06, 2006
a boys that is added to the "flavor" list that is 1. datable 2. have a quality that makes them "flavor" worthy...
the boys are given names of ice cream flavors(or toppings) as code instead of their real name giving the girls power to talk freely about whatever flavor they want whenever they choose.
(me and my friends made this up as a system because we kinda got caught passing notes a lot before with naming names so this way they have no idea who we're talking about)
(here are our flavors)

Chocolate looks way hott today... I here *insert name here* is like in love with him... but then again EVERYONE is in love with chocolate.

by just a girl May 06, 2006

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