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a very talented music composer and singer who has worked in bands called rainbow and black sabbath. now works solo in a band called dio. real name ronald james padovana
you must hear the diamonds "heaven and hell", "stargazer", "holy diver" and "fever dreams"
by jussi January 13, 2005
Instruments for teaching mathematics can also include calculator, pen, rubber etc...

Some of those who carry WMIs, are suspected of being part of Al-Gebra -network.
The key members of Al-Gebra -network are claimed to have acquired vast amounts of Weapons of Math Instruction.
by Jussi April 29, 2004
a kickass tv show from finland where two guys travel arround the world doing all kind of stuff
tunna and riku kick ass!!!!
by jussi April 09, 2005
it means dickhead in finnish
panu on munapää=panu is a dickhead
by jussi November 17, 2004
One of the greatest finnish bands out there, the best that does their songs in finnish. Their names comes from Yhdistyneet Urbaanit Puoskarit what means United Urban Charlatans. Their lyrics are really original.
YUP is the greatest finnish singing band
by jussi May 31, 2005
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