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white castle hamburgers or cheeseburgers
damn, i got the runs because i ate those murder burgers.
by jusenee January 12, 2006
Nixzmary Brown (July 18, 1999 - January 11, 2006) was a seven-year-old girl from Brooklyn, New York City who was allegedly abused to death. Nixzmary had allegedly been beaten, tortured, starved and sexually abused by her stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez, before her death. On the evening of her death, Rodriguez reportedly went to the store to buy two six packs of yogurt. When he returned, he distibuted the yogurt to all of the children except Nixzmary. Later in the evening he noticed that a cup of yogurt was missing for the refrigerator. All of the children except Nixzmary were gathered and questioned. They all denied taking the yogurt, and finally, one of them suggested that Nixzmary may have taken it. Nizxmary was them subjected to a beating by Rodriguez. Shortly after, Rodriguez noticed that his computer printer was broken. Nizxmary's mother, Nixzaliz Santiago suggested to Rodriguez that Nizxmary had broken the printer. Rodriguez then went back and tortured Nizxmary for the final time. Nixzmary reportedly died after being dunked in a bathtub of cold water repeatedly, and her head may have hit on the tub's faucet in the process 1, 2. It later came out that Nixzmary's repeated cries for her mother could be heard throughout the apartment. She reported moaned and cried for hours before finally falling silent, alone and naked, on the floor of "the dirty room," as it was called by the family.

School employees reported in 2005 of their worry about Nixzmary due to her being absent from school for weeks. Social case workers had spoken to Rodriguez, Nixzmary's mother Nixzaliz Santiago and Nixzmary. They found no evidence of abuse or neglect. On December 1, 2005, another report came from a person who saw Nixzmary with a swollen eye. A doctor checked her and concluded that her condition was consistent with her explanation that she had fallen, but the agency kept Nixzmary's case open and kept trying to keep in contact with Nixzmary's parents.

Neighbors noticed Nixzmary's appearence; She had noticable injuries and appeared to be malnourished.

Santiago told the authorities she had found Nixzmary unconscious and called 911. She was pronounced dead at the scene; Her autopsy found that she had died from a blow to the head. There was also evidence Nixzmary had been bound to a chair by her ankles as well.

While being questioned, Rodriguez told the police she had been a problem child. Rodriguez was charged with second-degree murder, sex abuse and child endangerment. Santiago was charged with second-degree manslaughter and child endangerment.

Five other children who were living in the apartment, ages 6 months to 9 years, were placed in the custody of the child welfare agency.

Nixzmary Brown was a seven-year-old girl from Brooklyn, New York City who was allegedly abused to death by her stepfather.
by jusenee January 17, 2006
baggies you buy to fill with drugs to sell
you know a spot where i can get some empties?
by jusenee January 12, 2006
fairly ugly looking, tore up, messed up face , clothes, anything
That girl has on green pants and a orange shirt, she is so keyed.


her hairdo is so keyed.
by jusenee January 12, 2006
a website for GLBT ONLY. something like MYSPACE but corny, has less space to add stuff on your page, and allows you to flirt instead of just browse. wow!
oh, you have a myspace page, and your gay, are you on downelink too??
by jusenee January 12, 2006

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