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when a girl is on top and right before a guy cums,he pushes her off and cums on his stomach.proceeding to rub her face up and down his stomach and chest.
i dont know what came over me man,but last night i gave jeremys mom a ride on the detroit slip and slide.
#spern #cum #splooge #seamen #glob
by jupiter cyclopse October 28, 2008
when a man and woman(or 2 men or 2 women)get on their knees,ass to ass,and simotaneously analy fuck a frozen hotdog.
i met a girl on line,she said she was new in the area,i said come on over and start a frankfurt friendship.
#meat #hotdog #sausage #dildo #toy
by jupiter cyclopse October 28, 2008
when a guy cums onto his stomach then pushes all the cum he can into his belly button and makes the girl slurp it out
she grabbed the keys and said she was running to the store to get something to drink,i said dont bother,just have this scandanavian slurpee.
#sperm #liquid #seamen #splooge #gunk
by jupiter cyclopse October 28, 2008
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