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A commonly used language in a particular region.
English could be considered the lingua franca of the Internet, because it is on the majority of websites.

1337 5p34k has become the lingua franca of sorts of IRC and chat rooms.
by junkyard prince October 10, 2003
A term used to refer to all of the Middle East, often in mockery of those ignorant of the actual geography of said area.
That man looks like he's from Muslimland! He must be a goddam terrorist!
by junkyard prince October 15, 2003
Modification of "why?" used to indicate a particular tone of voice when communicating online. This is associated with blondes and can be best visualized with a cocked head and hair twirled around a pinky finger.
"so this guy walks into a bar--"
"wait whay?"
by junkyard prince October 10, 2003
Like the penismobile. An expensive sportscar, often a convertible, bought by middle-aged businessmen going through their midlife crises and want to feel young again, completely unaware that they look like morons.
Never drive a convertible if you are graying or balding, or it is automatically a midlifecrisismobile.
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003
Nigga please for those who want to be gangsta without being non-PC.
Some moron wrote "Homie please" on our lunch table.
by junkyard prince October 18, 2003
A subdivision of furries specifically referring to foxes, especially anthropomorphic.
Would foxxies like Inuyasha? Or is he too anthropomorphic.
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003
A ghetto pimped-out setta wheels. A sportscar or sporty sedan made all flashy and conspicuous, often owned by men who need this attention because they feel insecure about their penis size.
The Honda Civic is a favorite choice for penismobiles, and I'm not sure exactly why.
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003
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