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to give oral pleasure to a female
"Yo girl I"m bout to get waxed cuz Styles gonna eat tonight!"
by June December 14, 2003
exciting or interesting or fun.
i can't wait till the dance this weekend, it's gonna be so vasuda!
by June January 22, 2005
to give good sexual pleasure
a quote from Nas: "Nas the one they call when they want they thing beat up"
by June December 14, 2003
lau chee bye

{old lady virgina}
l = lau
c = chee
b = bye
by june February 01, 2004
A lazy way to say move over.
First heard by a drunken idiot.
Mover, you are taking up too much room
by June May 30, 2004
So lame it's SLAME
OMG... u are so slame!
by June May 22, 2003
someone who never answers you online
angelbabez22: hayy
angelbabez22: hello?
angelbabez22: omg, fine then..:(
angelbabez22:be that way!!
sweetkissez193: o, sorry
by june March 05, 2005

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