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The workout of the day on fatalfitness.com. Very similar to the CrossFit wod, Death Certificates (DCs) are extremely intense.
"Phalanx" (A FFitness Death Certificate)
80 pullups
160 dips
320 abs, your choice
by jundie August 29, 2008
A community and method of practicing extreme physical fitness, often of a functional variety, which has a high focus on intensity and character development. It also tailors more towards elite military groups and not wasting time with people who need a lot of coddling. Fatal Fitness, sometimes abbreviated as "FFitness" or "FF" , is often confused with crossfit, or accused of being a ripoff of same, however, FFitness's methodologies are markedly different from other functional fitness methods. (See also Death Certificate)
I did the Fatal Fitness DC today, and holy shit was it a ball-smoker!
by jundie August 29, 2008

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