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2 definitions by jun izumi

An extreamly large group of black people that rushes you, completely over running you and taking everything that you was trying to get. Spoted at school lunches, bus lots, discount stores, and anyplace with free stuff.*

*definition made by a black guy
"Man i'm so hungry"
"Why didnt you get any lunch"
"Because a nigger wave got to it before i did i got ran over"
"Oh yeah i forgot its fried chicken day"
by jun izumi May 16, 2010
U Dumb Fuck. Usually pronouced kinda like (youdeaf), and is usually played by a joke by sayin UDF to another friend, making him think that you said something about him being deaf.
"I got the answer wrong" "Youdeaf?" "No i can hear" "No, youdeaf?" "I can hear man!" "UDF, u dumb fuck!"
by jun izumi March 16, 2010