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Ghostly pale skin due to too much time in front of a computer, not enough time outside.

Most commonly seen in junior investment bankers and management consultants. These guys spend all their time creating PowerPoint presentations and rarely get outside during daylight hours.
"Hey, have you seen Alex since he started working at that consulting firm?"

"Yeah, they must be working him night and day - he has the worst case of PowerPoint Pallor I've seen in a long while! He really needs to get some sun."
by jumbelina August 16, 2006
A short lie-down in the afternoon. Beloved of grandmothers and anyone who doesn't have an exciting enough life to take a disco nap.
I was so tired this afternoon that I needed a nanna nap even though I don't have a big night out planned!
by jumbelina August 16, 2006
An explanation of injuries resulting from a drunken accident.

Abbreviation of "Pissed, Fell Over" (in the British / Australian usage)
"Hey, what happened to you? How did you get those bruises all over your knees?"

"Oh you know, the usual - Saturday night PFO!"
by jumbelina January 28, 2008

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