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A girl or woman with a powerful sexual hunger, that she satiates by allowing herself to be used as a sexual plaything by a variety of men, including being picked up by strangers.
My wife became a wanton sextoy for other men, because she wasn't getting the cock she needed from me.

That little young bitch already dresses like she wants to be someone's sextoy.
by July41944 May 29, 2009
A girl or woman dressed and/or with makeup applied in such a way as to be a sexual lure to men.
The first thing Bonnie did when entering the bar was to change into a shorter skirt and remove her bra in the ladies' room. She completed her transformation by letting down her hair and applying more lipstick to emphasize her mouth.

After she put her more modest skirt and her bra in the trunk, when she was returning to take her seat alone at the bar, she felt the men's eyes on her. So many men's eyes, caressing her and undressing her, stripping her naked. Almost immediately the bartender placed a drink in front of her. "From that gentleman over there," he told her.

She took a sip, looked at the man and smiled. For a brief moment she thought about her husband at home with the kids, about the argument they'd had about her going out. Cock bait is what he'd called her, even before she'd left home. "If he thought I was cock bait then," she thought defiantly, "he should see me now."

The handsome young man who had bought her the drink was already moving around the bar, in her direction. Yes he had eyes like that, he was looking at her with bold probing eyes like the others. She gave a shiver of anticipation, allowing herself to imagine where the night might lead, how it might end. She knew she'd be drunk by then; she knew how she got when she was drunk. "I'm cock bait," she thought. "Yes."
by July41944 May 31, 2009
A woman with an appetite for sordid sex on the sneak, especially with strangers, and who frequents establishments where she can meet them and let them get her out into the "back alley." She often gets a particular thrill from going down on her knees and performing oral sex in the litter-strewn street.
One of Mike's friends saw his wife leaving a bar by the back door with another man, and the word soon spread to everyone but Mike that Bonnie was a dirty little back alley bitch.
by July41944 June 01, 2009
A girl or woman who uses sexual allure and dangles herself as cock bait in order to attract and distract boys and men with the implied promise of sexual intimacy.
The way Mike's wife dressed and flirted at the office, the guys lined up to play, and soon had her labeled as a real cockteaser.

When she was 11, Katie began to dress and wear makeup in a really slutty, skanky way, but her mom seemed to approve of her daughter becoming a hot little cockteaser for the older boys and men.
by July41944 June 29, 2009
A girl or woman, married or single, who is willingly or unknowingly photographed or filmed in sexually graphic or provocative positions or poses, either completely naked, or in provocative and revealing clothing, with the intention of the photographer to post the best photos and videos on the Internet.
1. Gary and Bonnie were both intensely aroused while he photographed her naked, excited by their planning to post them online, knowing guys and maybe even women would be getting off as they enjoyed her shameless naked poses, while her husband had no idea his darling was one more Internet snatch.

2. When Pat got his wife Gerry home from the party, she was totally wasted and out of it. He dumped her on the bed, and as she fell into a deeper and deeper sleep, he slowly undressed her, then positioned her provocatively. Next, standing on a kitchen chair, he began taking a series of photographs, moving her body into new, increasingly lewd and revealing positions as he progressed. Then afterwards, he uploaded the best, most arousing images to the computer and posted them on a favorite website of his. He then emailed several cyber friends to let them know the photos had posted. Although Gerry had no idea, she had become an Internet snatch for a select few of her husband's friends.
by July41944 June 02, 2009
A woman or girl who likes to sit on men's laps, either aware or unaware that they are causing the men to become intensely sexually aroused.
Bonnie began to feel less inhibited at the office, and began flirting back with some of the men by sitting on their laps and being a tease. Word got around to others, including Mike's friends, that his wife had become a little cockteasing lap snatch at work.

Tweenie Katie seemed to have no idea she was being such a lap snatch, the way she drove her uncle crazy when she sat on his lap.
by July41944 June 21, 2009
While often derogatory, also descriptive of a female radiating strong sexual attractiveness and allure.
Guys whispered that my wife was a smokin' hot cunt.

That little cunt is an absolute cock stiffener.
by July41944 May 28, 2009

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