9 definitions by julsinthebox

to put something in your ass. usually reserved for concealing illegal substances from authority, it can also mean to introduce illegal substances into the bloodstream with the quickness.
"i saw these kids at a rave, and they were taking E and bootin it! they got 10 times higher, 10 times quicker!"
by julsinthebox May 04, 2005
a girl who USED to be fat, but with the help of gastric bypass surgery, (stomach stapling) is now skinny, almost to the point of anerexia. she now has folds of extra skin that hang from her body in fleshy waves. usually will also be manic-depressive with multiple other various mental illnesses ranging from the mild to severe.
"Meet my crazy cousin Jenny, the skinny-fat girl!"
by julsinthebox May 07, 2005
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