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the coolest chick on the face of the planet, fun loving and prank pulling, often seen at party's and get togethers with a sharpie and a camera
"dont pass out with your shoes on, i saw juls here"
by julsinthebox May 02, 2005
the small bit of pubic hair left on the mound after a spring trim
"summers comming, time to trim up my hitler 'stache"
by julsinthebox May 02, 2005
boobs that are so big that they look like an butt on the chest
adam "lookit the buboobs on her!"
by julsinthebox May 02, 2005
a way to judge cold tempuratures
"i know if i need to wear a sweater or not by reading sally's nipplometer"
by julsinthebox May 02, 2005
fart, gas, rectal oder
"those pork and beans gave me some nasty butthole flowers"
by julsinthebox May 01, 2005
a popular way to take illegal substances, such as extasy, at rave parties
fellow partier "hey man, how'd you get so fucked up?"
etard "with a booty bomb! i cant keep my eyes in the front of my skull!"
by julsinthebox May 05, 2005
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