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Also known as an over weight hobbit who is may or may not be comfortable with themselves.
"Oh my, Mary sure has become wofet." says Minna
"I know, we should play a jukary on her."
by juliet macbeth December 01, 2009
A trick, plan, or scheme, that was created to humiliate someone into utter depression.
"I can't wait tonight to see Jake H. fall for our jukary." Sam Dorf says
" Yeah, he'll be so ashamed he'll wear a bag on his head to school." laughs Frankie G.
by juliet macbeth December 01, 2009
a person who goes from being a total nerd to a extremly succesful adult, or vice versa. or it can mean a person with a high social status dropping that status and being unsuccesful by the end of the year.
"hey the person who took our orders at mcdonalds was the star quarterback at our highschool!" says syndey

"yah he turned out to be such a noess" says alyssa
"what a shame"
by juliet macbeth December 01, 2009
a person who is fake, who lies or gets away with things by using many compliments and wooing people
jackie f " i cant believe our teacher let her just go change her test answers"
" i no!! she is sucha snorger!" says michaela
by juliet macbeth December 06, 2009
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