107 definitions by julie

a lollipop
"I could really use a sucker right about now"
by julie March 27, 2003
Someone whom is hung like a donkey and can fuck all night long.
Wow, I wish I were like Murf.
by Julie January 14, 2004
trademark of this girl named Julie ..
ICQ Nickname - kissaragi
by Julie May 25, 2003
Money in the form of dollar bills, not checks or credit cards.
Cash money millionares?
by Julie January 18, 2003
i love u like a friend
by Julie October 25, 2003
Having to park your car on the otherside of the college campus when classes are in a closer building.
I was late to class because I had to park in bumfuck Egypt.
by Julie March 09, 2004
To lick the anus
by Julie July 10, 2003

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