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A phrase used by one Gandalf the Grey, the famous, kindly wizard from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is used during the Mines of Moria scene in the first in the trilogy, the Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf says it to Peregrin "Pippin" Took, to display his anger and fustration directing at him for knocking a skeleton down a well, alerting the orcs of their whereabouts and putting the entire fellowship in danger once again.
Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity!!"

-Gandalf the Grey
by JuliaMarie August 14, 2007
The elvish word for friend.
It is also the password (and answer to the riddle) to the Doors of Durin.
"Gandalf! What's the elvish word for friend?" "Mellon."
by JuliaMarie February 07, 2010
One who is infatuated with Ganondorf, the main villian in The Legend of Zelda series.
"Ooooh, that Ganondorf is soooooooo sexy."

-A Ganondork
by JuliaMarie August 14, 2007
someone who whore's themself out for food
"If you buy me a gatorade ill give you a good time this weekend. I'm a snack slut."
by JuliaMarie February 07, 2007
A dummy, but worse.

The correct way dummy should be spelled.
"dude you're such a dummby"
by JuliaMarie August 14, 2007
When "cleaning", simply taking the assorted mess of objects strewn across the center of the room, and moving them to the sides of the room. This creates the illusion of clean space in the room.
"My mom told me to clean my room but that will take hours, if i do some BS cleaning it will only take me five minutes!"
by juliamarie November 07, 2007
To be skeptical of something, to the maximum degree.
I am skepticus maximus of this chocolate milk.
by JuliaMarie July 25, 2010

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