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Similar to bad ass mother fucker..but into fatass mother fucker.

Used several times as abbreviations online in instant messanging, myspace, and facebook.
oh em gee brookie! if you eat all of those cheese fries, you'll be a major FAMF.
by julia sunshine April 20, 2008
used to elaborate one's mood/ opinion.
used often in negative connotation or in the course of a state of shock and bewilidered.
Often used by skateboarders and their wannabes in the California, Northern U.S. regions, and Canadians.

It was once used in the show Degrassi, as well.
I can't believe your mom let you get that hella sick video game!

Dude, your wheels on your board are hella bad; get them fixed!
by julia sunshine April 20, 2008
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