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2 definitions by juleskills

Dirty, deplorable, disgusting condition; the lack of cleanliness and overabundance of filth often found in a college fraternity house.
"When I saw how much old mac & cheese and other greasy funk was matted on that frat-nasty oven, I literally gagged."
by juleskills October 27, 2010
The state of being so dependent upon communicating exclusively through technology, that one finds their self in what feels like a reclusive state.
Julie got fed-up with being so "tech-reclusive" that she broke down and got a land line, vowing to have actual voice conversations with her friends, family and loved ones.

Julie realized she had become unintentionally introverted because of her iPhone. She decided to break away from being a tech-recluse, and ordered land line service.
by juleskills December 16, 2010