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The strangest place on earth. Located in NYC, it is full of Bukurrians, and jews. it has a high school, with 4,400 kids. it doesn't have enough room for them all at one time so they have to go in shifts, but most cut school anyway. A lot smoke, and drink, and fight. and don't think that the girls are virgins, no matter what they tell you, they aren't. There is a rich sections of forest hills, that is where all the ass wholes live. they all go to private schools. most forest hills kids dont. it is a middle class, to lower middle class place mainly. it has a lot to do. you can shop, at stores or get hit by a car on Queens Blvd. or eat. it has so many different types of food.
Forest hills is mad G yo! have you heard about that fight!
by julesangle9999999 March 16, 2011

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