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a little bitch ass that doesnt wanna go swimming.
vince is such a fuckin frill!
by jules January 24, 2005
When staring at a hot guy makes you hungry for chinese takeaway
"Oh, he's so Lim right now!"
"Just the sight of him makes me lim"
by Jules January 10, 2005
Standard Temperature and Pressure

A chemical standard usually used for reporting the properties of compounds/molecules.

Generally written in one of the following ways:
0°C or 273.15°K
760 mm Hg or 1 atm
Mercury is a liquid at STP because of it's valence electron organization.
by Jules March 19, 2004
getting mad buff like hardcore muthafuckas
no doubt, i be gettin my swerve on six days a week
by jules February 27, 2005
This is just another word for a preppy person, but is different from a 'prep'
See prep I have been called this before instead of just a prep.
She's a prepster with her pink collar popped and ribbon watch.
by Jules February 15, 2005
Ninja skills is all about Bob!
Bob has some mad ninja skills. Actually he's a ninja at heart!
by Jules November 17, 2004
if a large amount is taken, it messes with your mind. a popular drug to find it in is Cloricidin Cough and Cold, but can be deadly. To be safer, use Dexalone, which does not have harmful side effects.
Eight pills of CCC, containing DXM totally fucks you up!
by jules June 12, 2003

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