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slut girl who screws alot
that girl is a slampig
by jules January 02, 2003
Generally aimed in the UK towards those who annoy you and piss you off.

Also found around the world:
Spanish - "el bandito..."
French - "le bandite..."

Also in other context, "bandit" can be attached to other words eg.
Dave:"Dude, i just screwed your mum!"
Tom:"Argh...Dave, you bandit!"
by Jules May 25, 2004
to place ones scrotem in to her mouth, and then dab the drips upon her for-head,

try it she loves it!
"i gave Lydia a t-bag and doubled dipped"
by Jules November 23, 2003
Shit on a stick, being a talking point. Why would shit be on a stick. If you feel like shit on a stick, you feel like people are talking about you... "how did shit get there, why is it there, thats gross etc etc"
"I was at this yuppie party, god i felt like shit on a stick."
by Jules December 08, 2004
most amazing show that ever aired...it is so great..the cast is soo hot and gorgeous,fab actors and actresses it is just so great!
How AMAZING was the OC last night??
by Jules January 23, 2004
originating in Alaska, short for Alaskan Malamute. from alaskan tribe Mahlemuit.
Malamutes, very strong dog. One Mal can pull up to 1 tonne (when trained)
"My Mal attacked another dog again. it was messed up..."
by Jules December 08, 2004
decribing someone as good looking
he's as fit as eggs
by Jules October 27, 2003

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