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gobby mouthing off, often caused by alcoholic certainties
Mandy had a right old go at Nigel for something trivial. She is such a harrangutan
by jules January 18, 2004
One that wacks wieners.
Dude stop touching me there you WIENIE WACKER or i will cock block you!
by Jules October 10, 2003
Volleybalclub in Roermond, in the middle of Limburg
You're playing at vc oikos.
You're playing at the best volleybalclub in the west of Europe!!
by Jules March 10, 2003
A guy who doesn't give a damn
Why are you a pappa-bas?
Why are you kissing the titanic?
by Jules March 10, 2003
abbreviation for "for the mutha chuttin win."
used to exclaim uber tiziteness.
similar to FTW or FTMFW, but i can't stop saying the wordchut.
jules: yo let's watch rocky 1-5 then 6 all in a row
pato: and shot everytime he says adrian FTMCW
jules: hellz yeah boy!
by jules November 25, 2006
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