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58 definitions by jules

gobby mouthing off, often caused by alcoholic certainties
Mandy had a right old go at Nigel for something trivial. She is such a harrangutan
by jules January 18, 2004
1 1
One that wacks wieners.
Dude stop touching me there you WIENIE WACKER or i will cock block you!
by Jules October 10, 2003
4 4
Volleybalclub in Roermond, in the middle of Limburg
You're playing at vc oikos.
You're playing at the best volleybalclub in the west of Europe!!
by Jules March 10, 2003
1 1
A girl, usually short, who's insanely hyper ande has big blues eyes. Her "target", AKA, tush, is usually being stalked by many a males.
" Look, it's Benna! I wish those guys would get off her target."
by Jules January 04, 2004
18 19
a beloved girlfriend or wife
Dont mess with my tout-tout!
by jules June 22, 2003
1 2
A guy who doesn't give a damn
Why are you a pappa-bas?
Why are you kissing the titanic?
by Jules March 10, 2003
0 1
abbreviation for "for the mutha chuttin win."
used to exclaim uber tiziteness.
similar to FTW or FTMFW, but i can't stop saying the wordchut.
jules: yo let's watch rocky 1-5 then 6 all in a row
pato: and shot everytime he says adrian FTMCW
jules: hellz yeah boy!
by jules November 25, 2006
10 12