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to be in trouble
to be 'in it' as to be 'in shit'
"i broke my mums teapot"

"you're in it now"
by Jules April 08, 2005
a self explanatory universal word, meaning everything and nothing at the same time.
Yeah Pocco, that was mad!
by Jules March 10, 2005
The act of spazzing. Cause by spazztastical objects, such as fangirl's favourite lust objects. Ahem, you know who they are.
"Franz videos are always an occasion for severe spazzation." - Jess
by Jules March 04, 2005
one who feels very uncomfortable around a particular crowd. Who feels they might be confronted or blamed for the first thing that comes up. Feeling like you stand out in a particular crowd and are the topic of conversation.
I went to this party for a model friend of mine, man i felt like a cow at a BBQ. (everyone was beutiful except for daggy old me...)
by Jules December 08, 2004
A man who loves badgers not men or women he is badgersexual and likes eating mushrooms for dinner. He goes to the snake zoo regularyly for pleasure and has never shaved in his life. He has cornflakes in his beard. He likes gorillas and sticking his head down the toilet for his morning wash.
An example of a chimbal is my good freind Jen lmao
by Jules January 20, 2004
A girl, usually short, who's insanely hyper ande has big blues eyes. Her "target", AKA, tush, is usually being stalked by many a males.
" Look, it's Benna! I wish those guys would get off her target."
by Jules January 04, 2004
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