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A small island located just west of Horsehoe Bay, Canada. The population consits mainly of aging hippies and artists. great place in the summer, providing your a member of the Tunstal Bay Club. Stupid 40 kmh speed limit. Great bush parties. Teen Club...dont even bother..
Julia- Where are you from?
Dave- Bowen island..
Julia- Oh..Shitty man..
by Jules April 22, 2003
Acronym for "Kapranos Is Killing Love". Self-explanatory.
That is so KIKL!!!1!!!oneeinszwölf!!!
by Jules March 04, 2005
another meaning of cool, awesome, great, tight, super, neat, splendid, superb, excellent, fabulous etc.
"that shirt is vaty!!"
"dude, thats a vaty haircut"
"wow, that's a guy full of vatyness"
by Jules November 05, 2004
Noun, derived from "nubile".

Collection of young (but legal) attractive females. Ready for some good partyin' and good lovin'.
"That teeny bopper rave party should at least offer some nice nubilia"
by Jules June 07, 2004
Acronym for "Kapranos is killing my ovaries".
"Watching Alex Kapranos lick envelopes is a cause of KIKMO" - Jess
by Jules March 05, 2005
a penis, a dick, a cock
he loooooves the gech
by jules June 06, 2003

I'll believe it when i see it.
Microsoft fixed all the security holes... IBIWISI.
by jules December 18, 2004

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