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to be juicy u have to be a mix of gangster prep and scene kid.

HAIR-choppy, skunk striped hair or at least 2 colors in your hair

CLOTHES-shorts and skirts have 2 be SHORT, cant be past your finger tips. tight shirts. wear brands such as hollister, ecko united, abercombie and fitch and band t-shirts ect.. pants have to be SUPER TIGHT or really baggy wear lots of colored tight straight leg pants in colors like hot pink red blue green ect. wear a lot of hoodies. wear tennis shoes vans slip ons flip flops. tennis shoe brands like dc circa ecko jordins nike ect.

SLANG- say stuff like "for realz?!?!" and "thats the shit" or "thats HAWT". when u say hi 2 people say stuff like "hey sexy" or "whatzup" or "heyyyyyyy" or "hey bitch" or "ay". when u say bye 2 people say stuff like "later" or "c-ya" or "byez". say stuff like "rad" or "OMG!" or "whoa" or "thats juicy" and when somebodys making a big deal of something just say "ok you dont need to make a big scene about it".

always be tough and never back down and keep your head up and always be the life of the party

u have to like stuff like little girl bows and dinosaurs and hello kitty and cutesy little girl stuff and u have to have a cool car. u must have a polka dot hair dryer. u have to have lots of friends on myspace and have lots of GOOD pictures. u have 2 have "the shit!" shoes. your hair has to be the BEST and must stick out of the croud. u have to wear eyeliner BUT NOT ALOT. your face has 2 be all one color so use face make up to do it. u have to be SEXY!!!!!. u have to wear the best smelling perfume all the time so people think u always smell that good. do sports like cheerleading. u have 2 be popular and your babys daddy ( your boyfriend or husband) has 2 be gangster or a football player. and sorry boys but only girls can be juicy.
u have 2 be GLAMOROUS. listen 2 bands and singers such as- avril lavigne, fergie, soulja boy, mariah carey, lil wayne, chris brown, jordin sparks, or any rap hiphop pop or rock
do not hang wit posers. wear over sized sunglasses in colors such as pink or white wit diamonds.

u have 2 score juicy points. juicy points are stuff to make u more glamorous. here are some points.

perfume-5 points

choppy skunk striped hair- 10 points

2 colored hair- 8 points

pointy tale-6 points

white nail polish-7 points

more slang- when your chatting online just add extra letters 2 words like "kiid" or "radd" or "omggg" or whhooa"

hang wit the gangstas the preps and the scenesters
when your walking thru the halls at skool say hi to random people and just walk away and call boys mr.

wear lipgloss and neon eye shadow and and blue eyeliner and lots of glitter
kelly - heyyyy amy i justt got mi belly butin pierced -50 points fo me yay!

amy - bitch! no fuckin fair i wuz gonna get mi belly button pierced but now that u got it that meens i only get like 20 juicy points lol jk u kno i still luv ya!!!!!!! <3 XOXO

katie - did u hear that kelly got her belly button pierced?

jade - ya but didnt amy get 1 right after kelly?

katie - ya so that meens less pointsss fo amy

jade - ya totally

jamie - ewww did u see dat new girl she such a juicy poser

brit - for realz she is... oh hell nah shes comin over heer

new girl - hey peoplez i love dat top is it from hot topic?

brit - um thankz? and ya it is

new girl - lolz i totally luv dat pink eyeliner jamie its the bomb

jamie - did u just die your your hair light brown?

new girl - ya its so juicy isnt it?

jade - umm ya but new girl your such a poooozzzerr! u think u juicy but girl u aint even kno the half of it so get the fuck away from us cuz we aint want your poser kuties

new girl - u kno since i became captain of the cheerleading squad i can kick your ass off the team

jade - and as a black belt i can just kick your ass

ps juicy people always have really nice come backs and 99.9 percent of juicy people have sidekicks and are totally glamorous and dont forget if u want 2 be juicy u have 2 be a mix or gangsta prep and scene and oh i almost forgot that most juicy peoplez have nicknames that they always use and most juicy people grow up to be models and are extremely childish

by juicy queen April 19, 2008

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