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n. the act of crossing the street using the most indirect trajectory possible, resulting in the extreme annoyance and inconvenience of any vehicles waiting for you.
*light turns green*
"the address is just after this intersection. we just have to wait for this pedestrian to cross."
*pedestrian inches across the street at a 45 degree angle to the curb, taking forever and holding up the whole intersection*
"ahhhh not the extreme diagonal!" *HONK*
#driving #pet peeve #jaywalk #not playing with a full deck #inconsiderate #discourteous #annoying
by juiceboxx January 19, 2013
When someone tries to ghost you, but because you have a lot of mutual friends or share a common hangout, you keep running into them and they act like they don't know you. They become more of a negative presence that won't leave than a ghost.
Ugh, he's here again, but he won't even look at me or say hi. I think he's poltergeisting me.
by juiceboxx May 21, 2016
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